The Companions is a faction S'oggy Balls joins to prove his brother, J'zargo, that he is worthy. They are brutish and talk like badasses, quite cold, sparring in their free time. Farkas is afraid of spiders though... and Ria thinks she's all tough because she killed a bear once...

S'oggy's better half, Aela, is also a member of the Companions.

After S'oggy takes over the Companions, he sells werewolf blood as part of the Companions operation.


  • Kodlak Whitemane - Former leader of the Companions
  • Aela the Huntress - Warrior, member of the Circle
  • S'oggy Balls - Leader of the Companions, Werewolf blood vendor
  • Vilkas - Warrior, member of the Circle
  • Farkas - Warrior, member of the Circle
  • Skjor - Warrior, member of the Circle
  • Torvar - Warrior and a drunk
  • Ria - Warrior and the second newest member of the Companions

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