The College of Winterhold, also known as "The Magic College", "The College of Magic", or "Devry University for Magic" is the school Crotch Guzzler attended for an unspecified number of months before "graduating" and becoming Arch-Mage, the headmaster/dean of the college. Everyone there was a lazy asshole and they were all eventually murdered by Crotch.


Boredface, the mascot

Other notable attendees at the college include J'zargo (S'oggy Balls's brother) and Brelyna (Crotch's college girlfriend). Urag gro-Shub is the librarian and Faralda is the receptionist.

According to Cock Nibbler, he and Esbern used to go to a rival school called Homeless U. They played on the football team and the College of Winterhold used to crush them.

Their college mascot is "Boredface."

Members of the collegeEdit

  • Ancano - Advisor to the College of Winterhold, Thalmor Agent

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