Tower built by Cock Nibbler dedicated to the Game Society Pimps. The tower appeared in two episodes, Skooma Parley and Fear and Loathing in Skyrim. Cock can be seen building the tower in Dark Sisterhood.


  • Entrance - Cock wants his guest to wear slippers so the floor doesn't get stinky
  • Art Gallery - Displays lots of pictures from his female fans.
  • Shelves of Stacked Drugs - The shelves contain drugs confiscated from criminals
  • Display Museum - Displays all of the weapons dedicated to fans throughout the series
  • Temple - Dedicated to the Game Society Pimps gods. Cock is still paying the Temple off.
  • Cock Bar and Grill - Serves several oddly named drinks
  • Arena - A large Roman sized Colosseum that Cock uses to fight and boost his ego
  • Great Hall - This is where S'oggy Balls and Cock Nibbler died in the episode Skooma Parley.
  • Trophy Room - Displays one of stuffed everything including greybeards
  • Greenhouse - Room with an irrigation system
  • Cat Pit - Cock rounded up the remaining Khajiit in Skyrim since there was a crazy Khajiit (S'oggy Balls) killing all of the Khajiit. When he took them in as refugees, the Khajiits were spayed and neutered.

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