Cicero is a Dark Brotherhood agent that dresses like a jester.

Cicero was a crazy jester that always danced for no reason. He joined the Dark Brotherhood with a crate holding the Night Mother. He eventually betrayed the Brotherhood and stabbed Veezara. He then retreated to the Dawnstar Brotherhood Sanctuary, where Fün Tits had found Arnbjorn laying in blood outside the Sanctuary.

Fün didn't care about Arnbjorn. She rushed into the Sanctuary looking for Cicero. After defeating many evil ghosts and a troll named Uderfrykte, she found him lying on the ground like a pussy. Cicero told Fün he did not want to die. But Fün didn't listen as she attacked him. Cicero was then turned into a Mudcrab by Fün, who killed him later


Cicero was always known for being a stupid moron and a psychotic murderer.

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