Template:InfoboxBrynjolf was second-in-command of the Thieves Guild and member of The Nightingales, along with Karliah. Brynjolf was responsible for inviting S'oggy Balls into the Thieves Guild.


The Thieves Guild

S'oggy first met Brynjolf in the markets of Riften. Brynjolf, confident that S'oggy is a natural thief, asks him to steal Madesi's ring and plant that on Brand-Shei. After S'oggy does this little job for him, he comes back and tells him that he's got more work for him if he wants. S'oggy, at first, refuses not knowing he was talking about the Thieves Guild but takes up the offer once he found out from Madesi that Brynjolf was in good with the guild.

Brynjolf's first job for S'oggy is to collect the debts from the residents of Riften.

Aela's New Outfits

Brynjolf formally invites S'oggy to join their prestigious group after collecting the dues from the local and introduces him to their leader, Mercer Frey.

S'oggy Sketch Artist

After the Honningbrew incident, Brynjolf assigns S'oggy to a mission in Solitude getting information from an inside guy named Gulum-Ei.

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