Beitild (pronounced BIT-lid) is a Nord in Dawnstar that owns the Iron-Breaker Mine.

Appearances Edit

Crazed Courier (S6E14) Edit

Beitild is standing outside the mine when Cock Nibbler visits Dawnstar as a good Samaritan. He decides that he is going to distribute food in the mine. However once in the mine, Cock's charity food, the potato, is given back to him. Not understanding what happened, he leaves the mine and gives the woman standing outside the mine, called Beitild, a bunch of food including the Leg of Goat Roast.

Fun With Assassinations (S1E04) Edit

Fün Tits, who is on a Dark Brotherhood mission, is in Dawnstar to assassinate Beitild. She finds Beitild in her bed sleeping and it takes several tries before Fün is able to successfully pull off a sneak attack on her. She finds the Leg of Goat Roast on Beitild's body and decides to bring it back to Astrid. Upon leaving Beitild's home, Fün realizes that she has forgotten her calling card once again, and goes back to leave a nightshade on Beitild's body. She avoids telling Lydia the truth of what happened to Beitild, insisting they only had sex and Beitild was not dead, but asleep.

Fün's Beitild SongEdit

Beitild, Oh Beitild,
Oh where are you Beitild?
I'm going to kill you Beitild,
I'm going to kill you with my mace!
Going to kill you mace-in-face,
I'm going to kill you in your place!
Going to kill you with the burning mace of doom...

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