Balagog gro-Nolob (AKA The Gourmet) was a chef and writer of a popular recipe book called Uncommon Taste. He was hired by the emperor as a chef but his identity remained a mystery as he went by the elusive and mysterious "The Gourmet." He was staying at the Nightgate Inn when some hired thugs, originally out to assassinate Fün Tits, killed him.


As part of a grand plot to assassinate the emperor for the Dark Brotherhood, Astrid instructs Fün Tits to pretend to be "The Gourmet." The plan was to enter the emperor's quarters as the Gourmet and slip poison into the his meal, killing him quietly. To make this happen, the real "Gourmet" would have to be sought out and killed. Unfortunately for Astrid, this was not an easy task as the chef Fün Tits was ordered to assassinate was not publicly known.

Astrid sends Fün Tits to Markarth in hopes of finding someone who knew about the Gourmet. She first goes over to the Meat Market, where she finds lots of meat and an ugly guy. Finding nothing useful, she continues on further into the city to Understone Keep. She talks to a dog, and learns that the target is masturbating, but finishing up. In the process of collecting information about the Gourmet, she kills some staffers in the kitchen.

Learning that the Gourmet's real name is Balagog gro-Nolob, an Orc renting a room at Nightgate Inn, Fün goes on down to the front of the tavern and takes a look at the man known as the Gourmet. However, he suddenly takes off, and he has to be chased after. Soon after, a group of thugs, who were trying to harm Shadowmere, kills Balagog gro-Nolob before Fün could. She learns that these thugs were hired by a man by the name of Ainethach. He ordered a hit on Fün as revenge for killing his two children in the Understone Keep Kitchen.

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