Babette is a vampire child who is a 300 years old assassin and member of the Dark Brotherhood.


Licking AstridEdit

Dawnguard Begins!Edit

Fün Tits plans on becoming a vampire, bite her one true love Astrid and turn her into a vampire, so she can become undead and they can live happily 'ever for after.' Her idea, in part, came from Babette, who would often visit her in the cave. Fün has asked Babette, who is a vampire herself, to bite Astrid but she claims it wouldn't work.

How To Detect Virgins (S6E33)Edit

Averna tells Fün Tits that she needs seven souls of the virgin. Fun receives a spell that can detect virgins. Immediately, Fun starts using it to see if it works and tries it on Serana, Astrid, and Stabby. Fun is a bit curious if Babette is a virgin. She is in the form of a child but is a vampire and has live for a long time. The voice in his head claims that she would be the best assassin for pedophiles. Either way, Fun understands this is going in a dark direction. Fun looks for Babette to try the spell but she is nowhere to be found. Fun jokes she wants a "Detect Babette" spell for these occasions. After checking, Fun immediately regrets it.

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