Averna is a power-hungry assassin and a new recruit for the Dark Brotherhood.

Appearances Edit

Dark Sisterhood (S6E32) Edit

Fün Tits first meets Averna in Dark Sisterhood when Fün tells Astrid and Serana to pack up because they're going to revive the Dark Brotherhood. They travel to Dawnstar and meet Stabby at their new headquarters.

How To Detect Virgins (S6E33) Edit

Fün Tits talks to Averna, who turned out to be a close friend (and most likely a lover) of Astrid. Averna left the Dark Brotherhood when Astrid chose Arnbjorn over her.

Soon after joining up with the Dark Brotherhood, Fün retrieves a book for Averna who tells Fün that she needs seven souls of the virgin. Fun receives a spell that can detect virgins. She collects seven souls and returns to Averna.

Demonic Penetration (S6E38) Edit

In order to fulfill Averna's goal of becoming powerful, she asks Fün Tits to rape her with the Mace of Molag Bal. Fün, shocked at what she has to do, prolongs having to do this but ends up following through with it. Averna ascends into the sky and showers down lava. She briefly reappears in Quest For Skin with showers of lava and attacks Fün. Fün fights back but she disappears.

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