Ancano is a Thalmor agent who "advises" the Arch-Mage Savos Aren.

Story Edit

Season 2 Edit

Ancano first talks to Crotch about the sphere, Magnus, that was found and asked Crotch to follow him to talk with Nerien. While walking Crotch and the voice in his head talk about how majestic his ass is and the theory that his magic comes from his butt. Ancano is then shown to Wanting to take over the college by using the power of Magnus while Crotch is out getting the Staff of Magnus.

Demise Edit

In Tolfdir's Accident, Crotch Guzzler returns from his trip to Labyrinthian and finds that the entire place is engulfed in Ancano's magic. Crotch defeats Ancano and stops his evil plan from destroying the college. The member of the Psijic Order then arrives to wrap things up in the most boring way possible.

Season 4 Edit

In the episode Pancake Apocalypse, Crotch says to Ancano's corpse that he "should have let you take over the College and destroy Skyrim or what ever the hell you were doing you had a pretty nice ass you would have been a good leader, I'm Sorry."

Season 5 Edit

In the episode Skooma Face S'oggy enters the College of Winterhold and notices that all the wizards have been killed. S'oggy then looks in the Focal Point and sees Ancano's corpse. S'oggy then says "Some sort of nude elf man."

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