Ainethach is the owner of Karthwasten. He is the father of two children, Rondach and Voada.


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Rondach and Voada are Ainethach's two children who work in Understone Keep in Markarth. In Epic Meal Crime (S1E10), Fün Tits interrogates and kills Rondach and Voada, in order to extract information about Balagog gro-Nolob, the Gourmet. Ainethach immediately hires mercenaries to take out Fün but the mercenaries take out Balagog gro-Nolob instead.


Fün decides to retire after reviving the Dark Brotherhood (kind of) and failing to find skin for Astrid. However, she needs to tie up the loose ends and goes to kill Ainethach for sending those mercenaries. This event becomes a bridge between Season 6 Quest For Skin (S6E39) and Season 4 Morrowind Sucks (S4E08).

  1. In Season 6 Quest For Skin (S6E39), Fün's scene ends as she tells her inner thought that she's done being an assassin and that she has one more thing to do. "Remember Ainethach...?"
  2. In Season 4 Morrowind Sucks (S4E08), the scene starts by zooming into Karthwasten (from the map). Fün says, "Unfinished business, I've waited far too long to do this." She enters Karthwasten Hall and then assassinates Ainethach.

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