"After Sex With Aela" is the 87th episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the 31st episode of Season 5.

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Paarthurnax is up on a mountain, telling an embarrassing story about S'oggy Balls to Brad the Bard.

The story starts when Aela tells S'oggy to get away from her when he asks her to mate. S'oggy feels severely blue balled and decides he might have to go to the fellatio farm that a random passerby has commented he owns.

The voice in S'oggy's head has a better plan, he has S'oggy go meet Vetle, who lives underground in Whiterun. He has a few missions he has S'oggy do and sends him to kill three women Vetle thinks has wronged him. Apparently he is no longer allowed services by these women who specializes in his fetishes.

Having killed the three women, two of them old, the other one quite young, S'oggy finds out about Club Obos outside of Whiterun. The voice in S'oggy's head tells him that this is where he wanted S'oggy to go and S'oggy leaves for Club Obos. Unfortunately, it seemed like the party was over by the time he got there. There were dead bodies everywhere and no living thing interested in sex. S'oggy tries humping a dead bear, but he does not get the satisfaction that he is seeking.

Disappointed in Club Obos, S'oggy heads over to where he was going to go in the first place, the fellatio farm. However, as it turns out, the farm was actually a normal farm called Pelagia farm. The owner of the farm starts hoeing and ignores S'oggy altogether. S'oggy still feeling blue balls, goes into a fit of rage and turns into a werewolf. He starts having sex with the cow nearby.

When he woke up from his trance, he quickly realizes what he had done. S'oggy tells the voice in his head to never tell this story to everyone.

Paarthurnax finishes telling his story. But he doesn't tell juicy stories for free. He demands Brad the Bard attend to his needs, a fellatio.

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  • The events of this story happens during the episode Sex With Aela.
  • Cock Nibbler witnesses, a werewolf having sex with a cow in Drag 'N Rend.

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Skyrim For Pimps - After Sex With Aela (S5E31) - Walkthrough

Skyrim For Pimps - After Sex With Aela (S5E31) - Walkthrough

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