Aela was S'oggy Balls' girlfriend, his wife, the mother of his children, his fellow companion, and his lover, even though she was dead when they had sex.

Aela was a member of the Companions. She had three marks across her face, presumably from bird scratches. She seemed to have a good relationship with Skjor, getting angry when he died, and also Kodlak Whitemane, a man she respected and cared for.

She was killed by General Burnside, under mysterious circumstances, after having many adventures with both the goblin, and S'oggy.


Aela was a member of the Companions . Once S'oggy Balls had become leader of the Companions, he attempted to woo her by bringing her gifts like a mammoth and a human heart. However, their relationship blossomed quite tardy, some time after S'oggy describing that sex with him would be like lying down in a nice wet shag carpet, with a hairy roll of quarters in it. She followed him loyally along with General Burnside in their many adventures.


Aela and Burnside.

Shortly before her death, S'oggy Balls discovered she was a former nude model for Play Nord.

After many adventures, she took an arrow to the chest, due to General Burnside going on a murderous rampage when he ate ice cream. Using this as an advantage, S'oggy Balls had sex with her twice.

She reappeared in the finale, where Crotch Guzzler revived her, and discovered she was pregnant with S'oggy Balls' baby, much to his surprise, stating she was dead when they made love. She was killed by Crotch Guzzler, as a way to show how much pain he felt when S'oggy Balls killed his family.


Aela being resurrected.


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