Adam Koralik is the co-architect of Skyrim for Pimps. He does not appear much in the series, but is known to laugh in the background occasionally. He's a pretty chill guy.

In the story, he is one of the Game Society Pimps Gods along with Aaron Yonda and Emre Cihangir, and the only god with a speaking role.

On the production side, Adam is co-producer and co-director of the Skyrim For Pimps series. In order to make sure there are no plot holes in the Skyrim For Pimps storyline, Adam has said that he has to go back and watch the whole series between recordings. He also keeps a master timeline of Skyrim For Pimps that he one day wants to turn into a coffee table book with pretty pictures and illustrations.

Role[edit | edit source]

Adam's laughter can sometimes be heard in the background.

He appears as one of the Game Society Pimps gods and is the main driver of Cock Nibbler's story arc. In the episode, "The Moose-Born," Adam summons Cock Nibbler to Game Society Pimps heaven, where he tells Cock that he must complete the main storyline of Skyrim for a show called Skyrim For Pimps. Cock is given The Pimple, for further instructions, and sent back to Nirn.

Man behind the laughter[edit | edit source]

Main article: Adam Koralik (GSP Wiki)

Adam Koralik is a member of Game Society, usually working on the business side of the organization. Adam is an architect of the Skyrim For Pimps storyline, along with Aaron and Emre.

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